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USN D-day dog tag

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Got this from a forum member a while ago...


In remembrance of those who fought and died 75 years ago on June 6, 1944-


This dog tag belonged to a gentleman named Luther Reynolds and he served in the United States navy. On D-day he was aboard a minesweeper off Utah Beach. Luther Reynolds volunteered for the Navy in April 1942, and was accepted aboard the USS Raven AM-55, a minesweeper, in May 1943. On 8 November 1942, she participated in sweeping, antisubmarine, antiaircraft, and landing operations in support of the invasion of Morocco, continuing those duties until 21 February 1943. Raven then departed African waters in the escorting screen of a Norfolk-bound convoy.

Arriving 14 March she conducted local patrol, coastwise and Caribbean Sea escort operations until April 1944. Raven then departed Norfolk, and proceeded with other U.S. warships and a convoy to England to prepare for the invasion of France.
On 5 June Raven proceeded to her assigned area off Normandy and participated in the sweep of the fire control area for Utah Beach. From this time until August she was active in clearing approach channels to the Normandy beachheads.
In August 1944 she sailed to Oran, thence to Naples, Italy. From then until June 1945 she performed sweeping and patrol duty in the Straits of Bonifacio, clearing the way for ships en route to the invasion of southern France, and sweeping off the French Riviera and Italian Riviera and off Corsica. During the entire European operation, including D-Day, Raven swept 21 German and Italian naval mines.





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