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Normandy Area This Fall

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Hello, I will be in the Normandy area this fall and was interested in hiring a guide to take my wife and I around. I would like to avoid the masses and hit lesser known places. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.


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One of the best option is the a guided tour in a period Willys MB jeep ( most likely in a post WWII French Clone M201 jeep)

You may hire the jeep and the guide at le "Holdy" souvenir shop at Sainte-Marie du Mont ( Close to Utah Beach)



Do not forget to pay a visit to the best Normandy's muséum situated at Saint Côme du Mont

Death man Corner


Enjoy your stay in Normandy

WOODS NOW U.S MARINE CORPS ENTIRELY, our lines include now the entire Bois de Belleau. Signed, Major Shearer "Skipper" 5Th Marines, 3rd Bat - June 25th 1918






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