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Excellent Dick!!! Great Crop!! Any hallmarks around the base of the cap? Love the Chinese "Chicken Eagle" too! Very similar to others Eagles I have on Chinese made peices!

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Here is a Chinese made swagger stick that belonged to Captain George J. Nowack who was born on January 9, 1896 in Rochester, New York. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1921 after serving six years with the 12th Calvary, US Army. Nowack was an expert saddler, farrier (specialist in equine hoof care) and blacksmith. He served in the Marine Corps Expeditionary Force, Culebra, Puerto Rico, Headquarters Company, Eleventh Regiment, Ocotal, Nicaragua, Headquarters Company, First Brigade, United States Marine Corps, Port Au Prince, Republic Of Haiti and twice with Headquarters Detachment, Marine Mounted Detachment, American Embassy, Peiping, China, as a Veterinarian. He is pictured here with his mount "Shannon" at the American Embassy, Peiping, China, about 1936. The last mounted unit of these "China Horse Marines" (including Nowack) was retired in March 1938 when the detachment, numbering one officer and thirty marines, was disbanded. Nowack was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in January 1943. Captain George J. Nowack died on December 27, 1946 in Tientsin, China. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

This stick has an ivory top and a silver EGA with a scroll engraved with PUERTO RICO, NICARAGUA, HAITI and CHINA. The top of the stick has a silver disc engraved GEORGE J. NOWACK, PEIPING, U.S.M.C. The swagger stick is 23 1/2" long.








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This is a walking stick that belonged to my father, a China Marine.  The stick is a figured wood, but nothing Marine Corps about it that can still be seen.  Feel yes, but no longer seen.  I remember a “hair” design glued to the wood--very fragile.  I believe it had his name and other art work.  Some of this can still be felt.  Best wishes and Semper Fi, Jim


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I got this stick from my grandfather, who was never in the service, and no idea where he got it.

The tips are non-ferric, but they don't appear to be silver; maybe tin?  No maker's marks, initials, etc., of any kind.  Anyway, "Tsingtao China" is inlaid in the shaft with very fine wire; likely USMC connection?

swagger stick2 (2).jpg

swaggerstick (2).jpg

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