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Need help: Unknown camo M1 helmet

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Recently I won a USMC grouping from a WWII/Korean War veteran.

It included 2 service uniforms and 2 helmets.

One of the helmets is a late war swivel bail, but I didn't recognize the other.

Could anyone tell me what kind of helmet this is (period/ liner etc) as well as what kind of camouflage it has?




Looking to buy D-Day and 101st/82nd related groupings

Doolittle Raider Jacob DeShazer: 'If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raise Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9)





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Vietnam era or later, based on liner / straps, as the three-point nape strap showed up in the mid-60s, and ran into the 80s.


Camo, as you called it, looks to be done by a kid with a rattle can.


$10 ~ $20 parts rig in my humble opinion.

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Modern last pattern soldier attached chinstraps on the lid.

Modern last pattern liner with removable asterisk pattern webbing.

The webbing in that liner is removable.

I also agree it looks rattle canned.




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It's a M1, rear seam, with the last model (1973-1990) straps attached.


My quick way to date the shell by the chin straps (not exact but my general guideline);

1941-1944 sewn-on OD3 (khaki) web straps (WW2)

1944-1951 sewn-on OD7 (dark green) web straps (late WW2-Korea)

1951-1960 OD painted buckles attaching web straps (Korea-early Vietnam)

1960-1973 black painted buckles attaching web straps (Vietnam era)

1973-1990 angled clip-on nylon straps with snap-on chinstrap (as seen on yours)

[i use 1990 as the end date because I wore one in basic training in 1990, but only saw Kevlars after 1990]


These dates are when the styles changed, but earlier ones remained in the system. Conversely, a shell with angled clip-on straps was not used in that configuration PRIOR to 1973 even though the shell itself could have been produced during WW2 as shells were constantly repaired and repainted over the years. Hope that makes sense.




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