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My Collection So Far

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Hey Everyone, With the 75th Anniversary of D Day approaching and my one year anniversary on the forum as well, I am deciding to show off my collection that I have acquired from the past 3 years of collecting WWII memorabilia. It has taken alot of time, energy and funds to collect everything so far, but I am very happy with it. If anyone wants to see anything uniform or otherwise(due to sizing constraints for uploading) or has any suggestions or comments about my display so far please feel free to comment below. Have a happy Memorial Day Everyone!






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Youve had a busy year !!! Love the TD unit and the AAC rig. Keep up the good work!!

haha, maybe too busy of a year lol. Also 2 of the 3 mannequins are TD, one is from a man in the 806th which was my grandfathers battalion and the other was in the 634th and attached to the 1st ID, I have his paperwork and medals too. The AAC one belonged to a young Lt who flew with the 571st BS from 43-45. I thank you for your comments.

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