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Flak Helmet

The Rooster

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The Rooster

Greetings all,

Here is a nice example of a WW2 US Flak Helmet!

Its a bit spotty with rust but not bad. And a bit stained with

something. And the Felt ear pads are intact but a bit mothy. And the chinstraps are intact.

I dont see these types come up very often.


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The Rooster

Thank you.. It completes my ww2 flak helmet collection.. Well.. except for a Grow helmet with the big yellow star on top, this completes the main group. I like this one because its not trashed number 1. And its got all its parts. Even the felt ear pads.. worm eaten a bit but still there.

And the chnstrap. Im going to see if I can figure out what that stain is, and see if its possible to remove without damaging

the paint. Im hoping its coffee or some such water based stain. I saw it and I said.... I gotta have it.. and I was fortunate to win it.

I collected pilot wings last year. My sister and my Daughters thought that was cool.

Ive been collecting flight helmets flak helmets masks and goggles and put up some displays (The Three Amigos... posted here... So iasked my Sister.. what do you think? She says... wait for it........... lol......... she says... "I dont get it" !!!

I said what dont you get? She says.... well I understand the pilots wings because its like jewelry..... BUt Not the helmets...

I said well do you think its cool looking?

She says I dont get it.....

I tell my Daughters what my sister says.... and my Daughters say... yea really Dad, I dont get it either.... I wouldnt spend my money on that...

My 23 year old Son totallt gets it.

So it must be a guy thing w the helmets???

One things for sure.... When I go on the last patrol.... Im not leaving these things to people who dont get it !!! lol

I grew up watching war movies... being told about family members service...

Watching the guard convoys on the highways on vacation trips. Seeing a lot of soldiers sailors etc coming up.

During the vietnam war. Then I joined up for a time.. Now im too old for soldiering. So I love collecting this stuff.

I think I was brainwashed!!!


I'l be updating the 3 Amigos when the lid comes in.

And will introduce the 3 Amigos Cousin.



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Wow, I didn't know those field made flack helmets existed, thanks for sharing them!


Any idea how the modifications were made?

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The Rooster

Ive only ever read about them and seen them in pictures!!! Wow!!! I believe they were made by ground crew mechanics or machiinists for their crews??? Im sure Bugme can fill us in WOW!!!!

The last one looks like it took a hit? Or are those holes for cords etc?



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Hey Dave, heres my yellow star flak helmet...the official designation is H-28-CL









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These are the tools used by ground crews for the M-1 modification. These were used until the manufactured flak helmets hit the ETO.



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The Rooster

Nice helmet that Yellow Star. I read thats its an M4 covered in leather basically.

Awesome! I saw one sold last year for big biucks!!! Like $1600.00 !!!

Really a cool helmet!





And the mysterious H-28-CL






I wonder which kind is the more rare of the 2 ?

Im going to guess the Field altered M1's are the most rare. Ive never seen one for sale ever.

They must come up some times??? But Ive never seen one on the net for sale.

Of course I've not been collecting that long.


Great Flak Helmets Guys!!!!

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The Rooster

3 I think the rim on this one is magnesium ? But then again it may be in better shape than the first one. Not chipped.


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