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WWII US Army DUI DI's Unknown Unit Theatre Made on 7th Army Ike

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These large theatre made DUI's came on a Ike for a US Army Soldier who served with the HQ of the First Advanced Air Depot Area, 9th Air Forces, then the 44th Engineers and finally came home with the 180th Engineer Heavy Pontoon Battalion from Europe. The Ike has a 7th Army Patch on the right combat side and a ETO Theatre Patch to the left. The maker on the DUI which were made with loops to the back to have a safety pin to attach them appears to be a "Jeanot Beaume" as best as I can make out. I researched all 3 of these units and can't find DI's that match these so I'm sure someone here on the forum will be able to do so.







Thomas Schultz




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Very difficult!

Beaume was a French manufacturer, so it should be from a small unit that was in France during or early after WWII. There was a huge amount of Engineer units of all sizes, (Battalions, Companies, Detachments, etc... - many with 4-digit numbers), so it is nearly impossible to do a research.

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