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Need Assistance: WW1 3rd Air Park Overseas Pilot

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I recently purchased this 3rd Air Park Uniform:




Mostly for the lovely wing badge!




After I got it home, checked the pockets. It is named!



Confusingly, there also appear to be (different?) initials inked in the collar:



There were also a few photographs in one of the pockets. One of which appears to be this man, wearing this particular uniform (although it is not the clearest image):




There is writing on the back of one of the photographs; "This is a picture of our aeroplanes taken here in Trier Germany" but alas, no name.


The British, tailored uniform has French- or British-made collar insignia, a British-made bullion wing, two Overseas stripes, a discharge chevron, bullion Lieutenant bars (they look like 1st Lieutenant to me--but the bullion is dark), and a velvet 3rd Air Park shoulder sleeve insignia.


Do any of you have access to rosters of the 3rd Air Park and do any of the pilot's names look anything like what you can see above? I have stared at the name for far too long and I believe I am reading things there aren't actually there...


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!




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From Gorrell's history. I'm not seeing him here, but this is up to Nov 20th and if they were in Trier, it would have been after that I'd think.






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Chris -

This patch is for the 3rd Aviation Instruction Center (AIC) at Issoudun, France...not 3rd Air Park. Any aero Cockade patch with superimposed numbers are for the various AICs run by the American Air Service.

Attached is a period article explaining the patch & when it was authorized.


- Chuck



WWI Aero Squadron items such as insignia, uniforms & my favorite- PHOTOS! Will purchase or work out a possible trade

HIGHLY SOUGHT- Anything related to the AEF Photo Sections or 85th,258th & 278th Aero Squadrons.

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Is the last name "Marty?"


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