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Hi all, im new on this forum, from the Netherlands

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Hello all,


good to see that here are so manny people with the same intress.


My Main intresse is the Battle of Arnhem and im often in that area with other People doing BFT.

since two years im also very intrested in the history of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

and im a collector of all variants of the WW2 Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife.


im 50 years, living in Enschede in Holland

im in the Dutch National Reserve Army from 2007 till now and from 1987 - 2005 i was a NCO in the Army.


i hope to find here some information on the subjects im intressted in.


so far i find this forum a bit difficult to find out how it all works.

so thanks for youre time te read my introduction


cheers Joop

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Hello Joop, welcome to the forum. The battle of Arnhem is interesting because of the alliied units fighting there. Visited Arnhem and Osterbeek several times years ago, but couldn`t visit the current museum there with the new exhibition. Think you will find answers for your questions in this site.

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