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1st Brazilian Fighter Group - 12th U.S. Air Force - Italian Front


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Awesome stuff! On a similar subject I remember hearing about Mexican Eagles, a P47 Squadron formed by Mexico at Roosevelts request.

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Outstanding post. I had no idea this unit existed. A very interesting piece of WWII history. You should write a book!

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Outstanding post. I had no idea this unit existed. A very interesting piece of WWII history. You should write a book!





The book:



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Captain Lucídio Chaves Group:




Name of War: Lucidio
Patent / Registration: 2nd Lieutenant / BO-1152
Born: 16/12/1903, Curitiba (PR) - Brazil
Function: Commander in the Communications Section of 1st Brazilian Fighter Group


Decorations: Aeronautical Merit Order, Italian Campaign Medal, Silver Military Medal for 20 years of good service, Bronze Star Medal (USA), and Presidential Unit Citation (USA).












When returning to Brazil, although graduated in Medicine (in 1938), he assumed the chief of communications of the Santa Cruz Air Base in Rio de Janeiro City. Function that exerted until the year of 1949.


Continuing, he was chosen for the Brazilian Aeronautical Commission in Washington, DC (USA), and remained for a year in the inspection of the purchases of the Brazilian government, referring to electrical materials for airplanes and hospital materials. He finished his life as a soldier in the Aeronautical Park, in the Campo de Marte in São Paulo City, when he spent the reserve at the rank of Captain.



Died in 01/25/2007, Curitiba (PR) - Brazil.




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Lt Fernando Correa Rocha
He was born in São Paulo City on July 21, 1921.

Completed full flight training in the USA.




He fought in World War II with 74 combat missions in Italy, the first on November 6, 1944 and the last on May 1, 1945.
Decorations: Aeronautics Merit Order, Aviation Cross - Ribbon Type A with 3 stars, Italy Campaign Medal, South Atlantic Campaign Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross (USA), Air Medal with 3 OLC (USA), and Presidential Unit Citation (USA).



Shortly after his return to Brazil after the War, he applied for a discharge and joined Brazilian Air Company PANAIR, where he soon became Commander. It flew the DC-3, DC-6, DC-7, DC-8 and Constellation aircraft for about 20,000 hours being most on transatlantic routes.

After the closing of the PANAIR, he flew even for 2 years in VARIG. Having terminated its aeronautical activities due to an accident.




Died on April 1, 2008.



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