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Real ARVN Ranger Helmet Liner?

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I do not like the scratches across the face/eye area of the tiger.

Not sure why they would be there.

Also the face of the panther looks off to me although they were hand painted so anything is possible.

Not saying it is a fake.

Just two observations that would concern me.

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I wanted to take a scientific approach so I brought it to an art restoration specialist. Her analysis led her to conclude the helmet had been painted within the last 10 years. Here is the only test the really gives it away via a picture. I have it next to my two other helmets to compare the florescent colors still present in the paint on the recent one versus my other two that are 50 years old.


IMA has already sent me a pre-paid shipping label to have it returned. No sign of any foul play on their part. They make mistakes and learn, just like the rest of us. I'm happy.






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Looks to be a black light. I use one on fabrics it’s not a 100% test but using one help me. But I know you were thinking black light, just thought I would jump in.



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What is the light ?

Sorry, it's a UV light which brings out florescent colors. The florescent reflection fades over time, indicating age.


Helmets on right and left are original, as the florescent reflection on those two has faded.


Like I said, other tests were conducted on the paint but this one is the easiest to show with a picture.

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