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Help with the markings of a jeep

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Hi guys,


A buddy of mine has a question regarding the following:


Hi guys...

I can’t seem to find the answer, so if anyone here knows..
I know NBB had several jeeps in their battalion. Question is, how were they marked? USN, NAVY, NBB, something else?
I’ve looked through pictures but don’t see any markings.

Is there someone who can help us with this. My buddy would like to do something different with the markings for his Jeep instead of the too many 506/E airborne jeeps that will be driving in Normandy this June.

Hopefully someone can help us out.

With kind regards,

Dirk van den Bol

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Go to www.g503.com


I believe they have a pinned topic regarding Jeep markings.

Collecting 3rd Armored Division items of all kinds from all eras, specializing in the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.

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