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Found Today. Help with 5 patches on Vietnam War USN VP-19 flight jacket

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Got lucky and picket this up today. Need help Id'ing some of the patches and where they were made.




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A very good friend of mine is a retired P-3 and Jet Blue pilot.


Beautiful jacket.


Any history?

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It has P-3 patches from VP-19 crew 11. It also has EC-121 patches from VQ-1 (FAIRECONRON-1) crew 21 (aka Charley Browns A$$H0/&S).


So this guy was an Aviation Electronics technician (AT1) who flew as aircrew on the EC-121 and P-3 aircraft. Probably in the late 60s to early 70s is my guess.


Great looking jacket!!



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Thanks for the info and id'ing those patches. Was told he was a navigator. Server in Korea and Vietnam. Received a Purple Heart in Vietnam. That's all I have for now. Hope to get more info this weekend.

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