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US Navy G1 Flight Jacket

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One of our volunteers donated his father's flight jacket today...it's a nice L. W. Foster Sportswear model; LtJG Anderson served as an anti-submarine warfare officer from February 1961 to May 1965, and apparently used early drones mounted with cameras to look for Soviet subs. The jacket is missing the pocket buttons and has some minor paint residue on the right sleeve but is in otherwise excellent shape. There's also a couple of pictures...you'll note in the one he looks like he's in grade school.



Mark sends





Mark Conrad, MSgt, USAF (Ret)

"Poor is the nation that has no Heroes...shameful is the one having them that forgets."

The Miami Valley Military History Museum: http://www.mvmhm.com
Official Partner of the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration: www.vietnamwar50th.com
Official Partner of the United States of America World War I Centennial: www.worldwar1centennial.org



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Very cool jacket! Had a 1964 Fosters, sold it because I was getting too big for it.?


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Lovely jacket.


Seeing the picture, I'm not really sure that the wrist knits are the original ones. Better to see detailed pics.



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