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Ranger, June 6th 1944

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This portrait was obviously taken before D-Day, but I'm looking for a by-name casualty 2nd Ranger Battalion casualty list for June 6th 1944.



" Following their actions Pointe du Hoc on 6-8 June 1944, Rudder’s Rangers suffered a seventy percent casualty rate. Less than seventy-five of the original 225 who came ashore on 6 June were fit for duty. Of those who served in the 2d Ranger Battalion on D-Day, seventy-seven were killed and 152 wounded. Another thirty-eight were listed as missing."

This is Jack. Jack made it to the top of the cliff, but stood up too high and caught a bullet - probably from one of the German tripod machineguns set to sweep the plain. The aide station was down on the shingle beach, the stretcher cases laid out in a row waiting for the landing craft to come back in and take them off. The Germans walked mortar shells up and down the beach. Jack died on June 6th, 1944.



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