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WWII Japanese Good Luck Flag


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Part of a massive grouping that I was able to recently pick up belonging to 1st Lt. Paul Martin Kiel. I'll be going into more depth with his grouping eventually in the future, but just wanted to share the flag for now.

Although 1st Lt. Kiel was technically an Army Engineer initially attached to the 102nd "Ozark" Div., he was moved to Camp Upton where as a Sanitary Engineer, I presumed he might've inspected the living facilities for the Japanese-Americans being interned there. Later, he was reassigned to the 14th AAF (which included Chennault's Flying Tigers) where he inspected several airbases in China. It was there that I believe he most likely picked up this flag.


Hope you all like it as much as I do


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Part of his service record detailing his duty stations and approx. dates


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Mr. Kiel (left) at the 14th AAF Convention in 1954. I presume he's standing next to Mrs. Anna Chennault


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Another small gem in the grouping.

Mr. C.L. Chennault's signature itself


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Eric Queen

Flag was given to/carried by Tanino 谷野 (surname) 正雄 Masao (given name)


* read right to left on the flag


** other names are possible with these kanji combinations (ex. Yano, Taniya, etc.) but these (above) are the most common.


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