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WWII display for my local library through Memorial Day

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I have set up several displays for my local library over teh years and i know the staff real well. They asked me if I would set up a display for the month of May and i chose to set up a WWII display, the highlights of which include a tribute to Coxswain Warren Richardson, who was killed on the Arizona at Pearl Harbor and Marine Sgt Karl DeBord who survived the sinking of the USS Vincennes at the Battle of Savo Island only to be killed in action on Iwo Jima. It also has displays honoring an 82nd Airborne D-Day veteran and a Marine platoon who served on Newfoundland from 1941-43 and in the Pacific from 1944-46.


I am making some minor adjustments tomorrow but I wanted to share it with you and get your opinions and any suggestions if you see something that needs to be adjusted. Thanks,






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Looks like an AWESOME display to me. GREAT job!



Specific areas of collecting and buying interest:

WWI/WWII 40th (Sunshine) Division, Camp Kearny, Camp Harry Jones, WWI/WWII 158th Infantry, USS Oklahoma, USS Swordfish (SS-193), Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Mexican Border (1916),

Norman Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) Norman, OK, Tinker Field or AFB, Submariner Items, Knives, Bayonets, Sweetheart Jewelry, other unique

or odd items with interesting stories.


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