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Flyers Jacket ?

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I bought this at a yard sale years ago . The woman I bought It from said It was her husbands and that he flew F4's during Vietnam . She wanted to keep the Insignia off of It unfortunately . My question Is , Is this a period Issue type jacket , or maybe something he private purchased ? Its a really nice quality jacket . What gives me pause Is the made In China tag . Thanks guys .


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Yep its a commercial copy..... the leather jackets were not used issued to USAF during Vietnam.


The USAF issued them much later again.I dont recall if late 80s or early 1990s

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Doyler is right, he may have flown F-4s but this jacket post-dates Vietnam by 40-50 years.

I have a couple of 1990s USAF issue leather jackets, both by Cooper. This certainly is not a US issued jacket but a commercial copy.


Google who China was supplying arms and equipment to in the 1960s. Hint: It wasn't the USA.

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