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ID of Officer 8th US Army Korea 1959

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There is a lot of info about Gen Trapnell but can anyone tell me anything about the officer on the left, a Major or Lt.Col. Gossett? The photo was with a small group of patches including the one that the General has in his hand. There were several other rifle/pistol team patches from the 8th US Army, Korea plus an Armored Div patch (no number) and a 7th Infantry Div. patch. No, the pistol wasn't in the group!










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A Little late in seeing this topic.


He is Warren R. Gossett, an Armor officer, Major by January 1962. Gossett, West Point 1947. Was a Full Colonel by January 1969. I imagining he was in Korea, maybe Vietnam as wel but don't or can't find more on him. I have a 1958 portrait of him as a Captain, but he ain't wearing his ribbons.

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BTW, Gossett is in the 2nd Reconnaissance Squadron 10th Cavalry, 7th Infantry Division, How do I know he was in the 2nd of the 10th Cav? Cause we spied the 10th Cav's DI on his shoulder loop, the 2nd Sq 10th Cav was the 7th Inf Div's Recon unit after 1957. As a Major he would be the Squadron Exec. On the NAME Tape Disc there, the units of the 7th Inf Div had these discs which varied from unit to unit in the division, this would be a Buffalo (I will PM you on this Tom).




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