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Drab wool service breeches (Mounted), Spec. 878 (1908)

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On June, 24th 1907, a specification (No. 878) was issued
which defined the manufacture of an article of clothing
known as drab woolen service breeches. This spec. was
used to define two types of breeches: mounted, and foot.

This pair has been professionally modified by the addition
of leather re-enforcings along the inner thighs.



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Mounted trousers are identified in the attached photo by
the re-enforcement sewn in the seat. One may observe the
arch seam just above his butt. This soldier is wearing a
M1903 revolver cartridge belt; he has a 1903 revolver
lanyard attached to his revolver. Leggings of pattern
1907 can be seen on another soldier.


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In 1903, the first year drab wool service breeches
were made, both the mounted and foot variant each had
a unique specification number; but in 1904, and again
in 1907 a single specification was used for different
drab woolen service breeches for both foot soldiers
and mounted troops.

Changes in 1909 and 1911 defined changes to the drab
woolen service breeches (foot), but it wouldn't be
until 1912 that a change would update both the foot
and mounted breeches.


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Subsequent changes to the wool service breeches were
likely meant to accommodate both dismounted, as well
as mounted troops with a single item of clothing with
re-inforcements in the thighs, this being most familiar
to us observed on Great War uniforms






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