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U.S. Army Generals - South Pacific/Unusual Uniform

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I ran across this photo online with the following caption on the reverse: "Headquarters South Pacific Base Command--Stars glittered under a bright tropical sun as five Pacific generals posed for an Army photographer following a review presented by the 25th Infantry Division, veterans of Guadalcanal and New Georgia, for Lieut. Gen. R.C. Richardson, Jr., Commanding General of Pacific Ocean Areas, during his recent inspection tour of the South Pacific. Left to right, they are Gen. Richardson; Maj. Gen. Frederick Gilbreath of Dayton, Washington, Commanding General of the South Pacific Base Command; Maj. Gen. C.L. Mullins of Charleston, W. Va. division commander; Brig. Gen. William P. Bledsoe of Salt Lake City, Utah, division artillery commander, and Brig. Everett E. Brown of San Antonio, Texas, assistant division commander."
The picture is not dated, but I would assume late 1943/1944. What type of uniform is General Richardson on the left wearing? Australian?



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