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Socket bayonet like Trap Door help!

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I bought a fist full of US socket bayonets at a large estate auction of firearms. I will try to get some pictures up. But one I assumed was a Trap Door Springfield bayonet has a much smaller then standard socket. It probably would drop right on a .30 cal trapdoor. If one existed. Everything is identical to my 45/70 socket bayonets. Size, shape, tip etc. it is 100% unmarked but shows a little wear. Anyone know of a smaller caliber trapdoor or similar foreign socket bayonet? This auction had boat loads of very rare 1700-1903 weapons so it would not shock me if it also was obscure or rare. Thanks for any ideas.

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Wild guess. Remington export bayonet. Along with pictures, give measurements. Length of socket, inside diameter of socket, length of blade, and muzzle length ( that's the measurement from the front of the socket to the opening of the slot). Some of us might find a bayonet in our archives that comes close to these measurements.


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