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Local auction purchases - mostly WW2

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That is the insignia of the 142d Fighter Group, most likely from the 142d Fighter Group (Air Defense) or 142d Fighter-Interceptor Group era in the 50s-60s timeframe. They are a Oregon ANG unit out of Portland. Might have been used for honor guard duties.






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I did some searching in the pockets of the tank destroyer uniform and found a note from the last collector of it. It says it was received from one of the soldier’s relatives. I did an internet search and found his obituary. Finding him in the records under his name didn’t show up at all. I did a search under his laundry number using Med- Dept’s site and found his last name broken in two parts in the records. For some reason I couldn’t find him on a reunion roster for the 635th tank destroyers. His same was Merle Lee Deardorff from Happy Valley Oregon.


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