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FB Hawley Navy Flag Painted Helmet

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I am possibly purchasing this fixed bail, Hawley liner helmet, and I can't seem to decipher what the painted signal flags mean. The three translate to Charlie, Juliet, and Sierra (CJS). However, I believe these three together have a meaning. I read through my research that there is a Navy WWII code book that may have the translation. Can anyone help with this? Does anyone know what the flag translation means?



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I did look into it being a call sign, it doesnt have 4 flags though. I know the first flag seems to always be a Nan (N), then follow by three flags. I always seem to come across the mysteries in this hobby. Lol!

Thats what makes it interesting.



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It is very interesting and addicting. Lol! It is frustrating when I can't figure something out though. Would have been nice to talk to the vet who wore it, then I would have been able to pass on its meaning and history. A lot of the helmets posted on here have names and paint that will never be known. History that can be touched, but the story is lost.

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Super cool, pot, well done!,,

Always looking for uniquely marked helmets, WWI and WWII American Field Service items, WWII and earlier USMC items and named or numbered medals and medal groups.



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That is not a call sign. All call signs are 4 letters. USN and USCG start with N. This is a guys initials. I was a USN Signalman for 26 years. Taught by a WW2 Vet SM.




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Sigsaye, is it possible the three flags together have one meaning? I read they did that in WWII.

. From what I can remember of the WW2 Signal book, and the International Code of Signals from that era ( had copies of both), no. 3 letter signals were not part of any signal book I recall. Its a guys initials. Very commonly done.
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