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M1941 Johnson Semi-Automatic Rifle Questions?

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Not sure if this is the right forum, if not please move to the correct one.


Have the opportunity to purchase the above, however, not sure on some things. The serial # is A0366 and from what I've been able to find they were produced from '41-'45. Question being, '41 or not? Also, someone in the past checkered the fore stock & pistol grip. They also added some type of cap (looks like Ivory) to bottom of the grip. Otherwise, looks to be an original piece, with all correct markings. I am wondering how these changes would affect price. In negotiations now for about $3500, as is.


Thoughts? I know pics would be great, but the elderly gentlemen wouldn't go for it.


Thanks for L@@king

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NO EXPERT . I have had only . 2 M41 "Johnson " rifles . There is a lot of hard info on these, as well as some old wives tales What I KNOW is as follows . There were A . B . C series of serial numbers, rear sights were in meters,The removable barrel were stamped down by the locking rings . Make sure it is a .30 caliber . Some were built in 7mm

Mauser for foreign sales. Post war a Company called Winfield sold M41's in a sporter version featuring a rubber recoil pad, refinished,and I believe stock checkering With out a photo I am at a disadvantage.


Parts are difficult to find and expensive. Bayonets are around, but equally expensive. AFAIK the only way to replace the stock is with a reproduction, and they to are $$$. These rifles are very popular with collectors and in demand' I am only guessing at production numbers at 70.000 units . Still a guess .


If the gun is heavily modified it will bring less money. Check some of the other websites for more information

Hope . this helps

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Thanks! Saw one post that 41,500 Johnson's were produced, along with the Johnson Light Machinegun. Also stated that serial numbers ran 1-9999 then the A,B,C,D up thru G were used as a prefix. This particular Johnson is an original, correct weapon...…..Except for bubba checkering the stock. Am trying to convince owner to allow pictures.

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DOC Glad you found a source of real info on the M41 Rifle IF the stock is mutilated beyond restoration then a repro stock

is about your only option . As is , to me as a collector its value would be as a place holder or a shooter. Bruce Canfields .

book on the . Johnson Rifles is an excellent source . I think John Spangler of www.oldguns.net . has a substantial listing of arms related books. Old guys can be real cranky, I know. Good luck

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