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Colt 45 and holster! Holster and buckle!

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I took a pic of this Colt 45 at a show because it caught my eye!


Holster also! I really like the old holsters and things!


But my knowledge is limited and so I ask if anyone might shed light

on this gun!


Time period ? Grips!


I know its only 1 pic but was curious!



I also took pic of US holster and buckle! Is it Indian war or cival war?


Anyone have any to show or info!



Pics taken many shows ago and just found again!



I am interested in such items but don't know value or what I am looking at

as far If I wanted to collect stuff like this!



Thanks for your thoughts!



History is a fun hobby!





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NO . EXPERT . The fancy buckle looks like a M1851 belt plate .


The revolver ?? Don't know .

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Appears to be 1873 Colt Single Action Army, without knowing serial number and seeing other ID able features, who knows. Has been nickle plated too. Brown holster looks to be “period” for late 19th century - early 20th century.

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The holster in that belt set is a Model 1881, designed to accept both the Colt and the S&W Schofield.

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Thanks much!


Very interesting!


Big Al


The sw Schofield you mentioned! Is that the western period one?







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