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Need to ID unknown Ohio National guard or Reserve Engineer Unit insignia

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Greetings all. I need the experts help with this. I picked up an M1 helmet liner

with 2 unit insignia stickers on it. I know that on of them is for the 83rd division.

Ohio National guard. The time period would be mid 50's to erly 1960's....


The one I dont know about is the shield on the right....

Its an engineer unit of some kind with the castle and the crenalted blue rampart background.

Does anyone know the name of the unit?

Could be national guard or reserve in the 83rd division Ohio.


I wouldnt ask but Ive come up with nothing. I really need help with this.

There seem to be two strange symbols at the bottom of the shield. I thought they were tears at first in the sticker. But they look to be a part of the symbol?


Thank you !



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This insignia is indeed that of the 11th Infantry Regiment. It was a Regular Army unit that was assigned to the 5th Infantry Division in WWII.



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Thank you!!! Thats fantastic! Thank you very much. I couldnt see the swords..

Would you say that having the 11th insignia on the left side of the liner and 83rd division insignia on the right side is correct for a marked liner from the 1950's early 1960's??? Thank you all!

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Thank you all! Member patches had id'ed it I just dint read carefully.

I think I have a Helmet that belonged to Captain Samuel W Sardis.. not sure yet and

it will prob not be verifiable .. But Thank you for the info.!!!

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