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Your WWII vehicle restoration goal?

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Hello! Man it has been too long since I checked in here, but the restoration of the WWII GPW is progressing nicely. Sure, It could be going faster but I'm really happy with the pace the restoration has been following so far. Since I got into the hobby, I have really enjoyed not only working on my own project, but seeing the progress of someone elses restoration, or even the final stage when they are done! Everyone in the hobby has their own goal, whether they want to restore their G503 to represent a pristine factory example or a WWII motorpool field used example. The great thing about the hobby is that there is plenty of room for both! They are preserving their G503 afterall, and that is a good goal for sure! I think Ron Fitzpatrick said it really well in this video, he has been in the hobby for a long time and understands that at the end of the day, it's the love for the vehicle which is mutual among all owners, and so is their combined desire to keep that history from rusting away.



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