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Help Identify M1 Helmet and Liner

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I acquired, a while back, an M1 Helmet , that may appear to be a Paratrooper M1-C that has Paratrooper chin straps (WW2 Era? one almost torn off), Helmet is a rear seam and has heat stamp 1 0463 a few inches from the helmet lip. The annoying white paint on the helmet was apparently there when the helmet was discovered in an attic.

The liner, that was found in the helmet, that fits tightly, may or may not be married to the helmet. The liner only marking is a plus sign (+) where maker marks are found. There is no snaps for the paratrooper chin strap in the liner, there is no eyelet hole in the front under the taped on #10. It has a narrow "A" chinstrap webbing and the chin strap is nylon. The stamp on the back of the webbing of the sweatband is faint and unreadable.

Any help identifying this helmet and liner would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts, ideas theories are welcome.



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Limited knowledge here but that being said, I don't think any of it is ww2..?

Just learned that the chin strap clips that are black are vietnam era.

The liner especially. Its a 60's liner I think. Air borne straps but not korea or ww2.

The experts on here… they will know for sure….

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Thanks for your thoughts

You're welcome. Its not much… Ive been watching the helmet section for a couple of months and the folks on here can tell you everything just by looking. Not me yet though.


Heres some info I found on ebay.

Im new to Helmets.



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Here is what I think is a ww2 liner and harness on the left and a modern liner and harness on the right.

The modern harness snaps in and out as a unit.

it also has a different nape strap and attachment points. Also no nubs for a chin strap.

Versus the left side where the harness is riveted in chinstrap nubs present etc etc.

And the webbing is Tan which is ww2 to me. Yours looks to have the modern harness and liner.

But yours is fitted out for airborne.


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Its vietnam or post vietnam era.The liner A straps are odd.They dont show the typical buckles seen on a US made airborne liner.This one looks to have rinds opposed to buckles for the chin cup.The Chin cup isnt the issue style either .


Maybe a rigger made item or possible something used by a foriegn army and converted to a jump liner.


Im sure others will want cloer pictures og the liner straps,chin cup etc

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The heat stamp indicates that the steel shell is an Ingersoll shell manufactured between 1966-68. The shell’s chinstraps are North and Judd once again of 60’s manufacture. The liner appears to have detachable webbing which would date it from mid 70’s to mid 80’s. The attachments for the liner chinstrap aren’t the regular type found on an airborne liner and would appear to be an improvised setup rather than a factory supplied one.

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Thanks for all of your help. YES.. this liner has some strange details, that I have not come across. As I mentioned, I am not sure that the liner is original to the shell... But, as you mentioned, I assume that the helmet is Vietnam era.. Thanks.

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I have never seen an airborne snap-in suspension liner. I have one with a 1984 contract date, and still A washers. This must be either a prototype, rigger-modified, or a fantasy/reenactor creation, based on my limited knowledge. Hope the helmet big dogs can chime in. Probably not prototype as it would then have snaps for the shell straps I presume? Unless it was intended to be worn double with the late chinstrap cup.

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Liner Chinstrap somewhat resembles the TAP EO style used by French Paratroopers in Indochina. Of course it is not one, but I wonder if it has some relation.


Your style liner with removable suspension was introduced in 1973.


The steel shell is an Ingersoll made between 1966 and 1968


the shell M-1C Chinstraps are North & Judd / Gulf & Western made from 1958 to 1969.


I am having a hard time reading the contract date on the sweatband, looks like it might be 1984?

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