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u.s. merchant marine academy cap badge timeline

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I'd been poring through period photographs and publications to determine a proper timeline for USMMA cap badges. I've been able to group them into three periods:

1939-1943 Pre-Dedication
1943-1946 The Wartime Academy
1946 (1949) -today Accreditation


3368226935.jpg 2311156963.jpg


3911429546.jpg 1376975927.jpg




I've written a descriptive guide to the caps and cap badges here:

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Great guide! Thanks for creating & sharing your website!

You're quite welcome. It had become a bit bothersome when I learned people were selling post-war cap badges as wartime badges, so I decided to take a closer look.

Right now I am working on detailing "District Instructor" and "Cadet Officer" insignia - just to document it, since I haven't seen it published anywhere.

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in addition to the cap badges that I've detailed above, I've gone ahead and taken photographs of headwear in my collection and placed them online - the only truly remarkable item is the white garrison cap.


United States Maritime Commission Cadet Corps and Merchant Marine Academy headwear





A rare photograph of its wear (via http://ianewatts.org/cadet-corps-photos/):


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