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From an estate, according to the obit, gentleman was 9 years USAF EC-121 during Vietnam war, flying surveillance missions, and another 35 years in the USN retiring in 1991 as Chief PTO for the National Airborne Emergency Command Post..


Not much of his USAF was up for auction, and almost all of his USN flight gear was available.. I was able to purchase two of his helmets along with miscellaneous flight gear..


I really like this helmet..a keeper for now a dual visor rams horn..


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Very nice!! I really like this helmet also!! VAQ-33 flew both the EC-121 Super Connie and the A-3 Whale. I had a good friend who flew in the Whale with VAQ-33 and later with some VAK squadrons. Great helmet.






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the helmet is marked with VAQ-33 and it also has the bat on the front from VC-1, which according to flight gear found he flew with both.....wish I could have obtained his 3 cruise jackets..all nomex and one white deck vest...they sold at a later auction

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