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Picked this up today. Fixed bail McCord #633C FS, with od#3 chin straps. Late war liner in great shape. The helmet is marked on the front



It appears to be scratched into the cork on the front. Any idea what this may be. I tried to get a few pictures..

Thank you



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It is really hard to get a good photo. I am not home. But the front of the helmet says


I appears to be rubbed scratched into the corking on the helmet.

I am attempting to determine if this is some known wartime navy? Aircorp? Army, etc designation.

Thank you for the help..

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All I have is just a guess so take it for what it might be worth.

I was in the guard. Infantry.. And we used to always go on these long convoys on duece and a halfs

and we'd stop to refuel along the way at refueling points they set up.

Just a guess but it might have to do with Gasoline and the transportation corps

quartermasters dept??? I've been looking for pictures from the war but nothing yet

Thats al I can think of.

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Im thinking a chemical corps related marking...maybe a old hold over term from the WW1 Gas and Flame days.


Recall there being armbands with GAS in gold/yellow letters

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I have looked with a loop, it appears to be painted very lightly over the top of the original paint. The lover GAS OFFICER may have had medical tape over it at one time, leaving a glue residue.. It is very light. Hard to see unless in the proper light..

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Awesome Helmet...

I read on the Coral Sea site CVA-43 ( Came out right after WW2) had the following designations..


V2-E - Responsible for the electrical work required in maintaining aircraft

V2-S - Responsible for the shop work required in maintaining aircraft

I would assume someone in this area, must be in charge of the fuel to assure no accidents were to happen.....

Just my thoughts...




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Thank you to everyone for the help. I was very happy to aquire this helmet/liner. The liner came with a near mint S marked chinstrap.

I do not have any information on the original vet, other than the general area he came from...

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