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WWII 101st - 326th AMC Glider, Stalag IV B

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I feel very fortunate to be the new caretaker of this grouping.. it is my first POW group.


I have just started research and will be posting more info and photos on the forum. For now, I thought I would post a couple of pics here. This glider veteran, along with almost half of the 326th Airborne Medical Company was captured by the Germans at Bastogne - Battle of the Bulge - on December 19, 1944. He was later freed by the Russians. He passed away in the early 1980s.


Pictured here are his US issued dogtags, German POW tags, and a ring and ringbox.


The ring is a bit unusual and is sometimes referred to as a Mourning Ring. It is made of black bakelite and has his photo imbedded in the top. I am almost sure when news of the capturing of his company was announced, the troopers were listed as MIA. He was married at the time and his wife most likely chose the ring as a remembrance to him. If anyone has any info on these types of rings, please feel free to comment.


Thanks for looking!


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Very nice set of dogtags!



!!!! WANTED !!!!

WWII Prisoner of War items : Medals, Mail, Diaries, Photos, Documents, Scrapbooks + More

WWII Naval Aviation Groupings : Medals, Documents, Scrapbooks, Photos, Flight Logs, Flight Jackets + More




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