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Patrick - This is the wing i discussed with you and Bob several days ago. You pointed out a couple of the die flaws including that small blob over the N in SYDNEY and those fine ridges on the right side of the wing. You encouraged me to buy it before you did :D Bob thought it was good as well.


I have looked at the lettering pretty closely with a lens now that i have it in hand. The top loop of the S in SIL is slightly larger than the bottom loop and the L is a bit lower than the S and the I. I've noticed both of these traits on wings that were considered good. Also the A in ANGUS is not clean and has some "blobs"






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Much better photos, thanks. Not so crips up close. AND I learned something new. Thanks for posting, it's a beauty!


Titled case set "U.S. Typhus Commission";

Titled case "Medal for Merit";

ASMIC: 1677

OMSA: 6045



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foreign made wings are a mine field--- but, when you catch a good one its a treasure!!!!!






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Perfect, quite rare, beautiful, unique and most excellent Angus & Coote navigator wing. By the way, don't just look over the N , look in between the D and the N. Very nice spot on the positioning of the L as well Jeff. Just an awesome wing. This is one of my favorite Angus & Coote wing versions. Extremely well done.

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