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All Heels On Duty WHITE Oxfords Available For Limited Edition Pre-order

WWII Legacy Girl

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WWII Legacy Girl

All Heels On Duty now is offering the O.A.O. oxford in white! It is available for a limited edition pre-order ONLY through April 19th! https://www.allheels...-o-a-o-oxfords/

These white oxfords were a staple among World War II servicewomen of multiple branches including the Navy Nurse Corps, Army Nurse Corps, WAVES, SPARS, Red Cross, Cadet Nurse, and for everyday civilian wear. Navy Nurses wore these shoes with the white working hospital uniform dress and the dress white uniform. Army Nurses wore them with the white working hospital uniform. WAVES and SPARS wore the white oxfords with the white dress uniforms, and Cadet Nurses wore them with the summer seersucker uniform. Red Cross also wore them with different nursing dresses and summer uniforms.

I have personally wore the AHOD oxfords and can testify to the amazing quality and comfort of these shoes.

Pictured is the AHOD owner, Caitlin Hebert, modeling these white oxfords with her yellow Red Cross Staff Assistance Corps Uniform and Red Cross Military Welfare Seersucker Uniform.


Also pictured is me in the black oxfords (WAVES uniform) and cordovan oxfords (ANC uniform) I had the chance to wear recently. I can't speak enough about these shoes! Please ask any questions you have.




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