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I've been a militaria collector for 50 years. I've never been able to specialize in one area so my collection covers:

Civil War (very few items),

Spanish American War (more items than the Civil War but still not a lot),

World War 1 (much larger area because this was what was available when I first started),

World War 2 (same as World War 1)

Viet Nam, my time period (more than the Span-Am period but wasn't of interest to me back then)


My families military history:

3X great grandfather was a Texas Ranger in the war with Mexico

2x great grandfather was in the Army of the Republic of Texas

great grandfather was in Terry's Texas Rangers in the Civil War (Confederate)

father was in the Navy on the U. S. S. CABOT during World War 2 (Light Aircraft Carrier)



Marine Corps 1971-1974 (no Viet Nam service)

Marine Corps Reserve 1974-1976

Texas National Guard 1979-1985

Army Reserve 1985-1990

Army 1990-1991 (activated for Desert Storm - did not go)




Air Assault

No combat

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Another welcome from West Texas. I too had an ancestor in Terry's Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry). My ancestor was George Daniel Mitchell and he was 5th Sergeant in E Company till late in the war when he was appointed Ensign for the regiment. Also had numerous other ancestors in various state regiments during the War Between the States.

You'r going to like it here. Great guys and ladies and LOTS of good information.




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