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Two US Army Patches Need Info

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The pocket hanger I'm assuming is the HQ Company of the 15th Transportation Corps Battalion? Japan made. The other looks ADA related, on wool/felt. A couple of army collectors didn't know, so I'm posting them here. I'm an Air Force guy and don't know much about these. Also, are they worth anything? Please let me know, thanks.





MSgt USAF (Ret)

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Right is missile and munitions center and school

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All I can make from the subdued pocket hanger is it is for the HQ Co. of the 16th T.C. Battalion. T.C. is generally Transportation Corps. My first thought would be for a transportation unit, but darn if I can find a reference to any such unit. It may have been short lived and swallowed up by a reorganization.

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It is 15 Trans SEA era it seems. Hard to see that from the pic as the 5 does look much like a 6. Several folks have asked about it but it's on hold pending a trade. I appreciate all the help here!



MSgt USAF (Ret)

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