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32nd FIS HGU-2A/P back home

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Recently aquired an HGU-2A/P with 1961 dated MBU-5/P that has been flown with the 32nd FIS on the F-102A at Soesterberg AB.

The name on the helmet is "Maj. Barry" have not been able to find more about him.


The helmet was taken back to the former Soesterberg AB after more then 55 years and I took some images of it on top of their F-102A.






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Wow that is really nice. Love the second picture, the visor cover and vertical stab match perfectly!!


Where was this AB located?




Hi Chris,

Thank you, here some more info on the unit:


From September till November 1960, pilots and groundcrew assigned to the 32nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron (32nd FIS) where trained on the F-102. This took place at Wheelus Air Base in Libya. On December 17th, the first eight of a total of 21 F-102A's landed on Soesterberg Air Base in the Netherlands. The 32nd FIS had 2 jets on a 5 minute 'alert' 24/7... . In June 1969 transfer to the F-4E Phantom started at Homestead Air Force Base. Early Juli 1969 the F-102A's left "Camp New Amsterdam" for the 132nd FIS at Bangor Maine.

In total 35 (T)F-102A's have been in use with the 32nd FIS.


Here is an image from 1965 showing a pilot in his F-102 with the same helmet design.






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And two other 32nd FIS helmets that used to be in my collection.

One early HGU-2/P used by a pilot named Carey (also on the F-102)

The other one a late HGU-2A/P that belonged to Hansel "Turk" Turley, flying the F-102 from Soesterberg and the F-105 over Vietnam.




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