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How to remove label from paper

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Yes it will. However, I would use small amounts applied with a Q-Tip to start. This will soak in and work its way to the label adhesive. Go light at first and you can always apply more as needed.



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Would the Goof Off not also leach into the paper and permanently stain the paper? Old manual covers tend not to be finished with gloss or flat laminate to protect them like dust covers on most books today. The laminate will generally resist Goof Off but not plain paper.

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I would start with pure water first. Depending on the type of sticker, it may be a wet-and-stick, which water will work on.


Next, I would use Isopropyl on a cotton swab, and gently work by lifting one edge, and slowly rolling it back.


I did that recently on some WWII stamps that somebody stuck on foam backing - worked great.

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Bestine - Rubber Cement Thinner works very well for removing tape, and stickers, also won't stain. Cigarette lighter fluid, Zippo or Ronson works well too. Just be careful with them both.

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Thanks for all the advice.

I took your input and did mission analysis and used the principles of war and diplomacy and I went with simplicity and non lethal means first.


I tried heat from the hair dryer and only a very small portion came off.

I then tried a moist cloth and began to rub the label. It slowly came off.

I then placed the item back under the dryer to cure any water damage.


Lesson learned. Go easy on the rub.


Thanks everyone.





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