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"American Sportsman" George Strauss in Belgian Army, 1914

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Here's a head-scratcher.


This press photo of a Belgian Minerva armored car is captioned, " AMERICAN SPORTSMEN AID BELGIANS. Three armored motor cars each carrying a Hotchkiss rapid fire gun set out from Antwerp to reconnoitre, but of the 12 volunteers who manned the cars, only four returned. The crew included the Prince of Deligne, Baron Serelas, Count de Wallencourts and Mr. George Strauss, the well-known American sportsman who is shown in the picture with one foot resting on the running-board of the car."


Who was the American sportsman, George Strauss?


post-949-0-41742900-1553617314.jpg ; post-949-0-68565400-1553617326_thumb.jpg

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John this is as far as I've gotten. Seems he was a Jr, and Sr was a haberdasher in NYC who sold his interest in the fall of 1914 (right around when Jr would have gone to Europe).



At least we have it narrowed to a state a bit. Fultonhistory is still down, so I'm having issues finding good NYC paper records. Still looking.


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Austin, you are AMAZING! That is much farther than I have gotten on George Strauss.


Thank you. I will start mining some information shafts now that you have narrowed it down considerably!

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There was a George Strauss married in NYC in 1915, it's possible he came home after his father died and settled down (which would be why we're not finding anything else on his exploits).

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