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Dime Store Soldiers


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Should go on Amazon.com and search for any one of the great books that display the various versions and the manufacturers. That will give you a better idea of the value.


In my collection are are a variety of toy soldiers from different manufacturers to include tin ones made by Marx and a set of bisk American toy soldiers that came from Japan.

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Hugar set 1869 casualty cleaning station and1863 concrete pill box with detachable roof....indeed rare....indeed expensive!


Sold thru the Britain's LTD company 1940-41

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Apparently you're not a mod for nothing :D


That's exactly what they are.


I don't own them anymore but found them unceremoniously dumped in a box with a train set.

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They are incredibly rare....1869 is one of the largest of the Hugar sets....love seeing them in photos even!....They pair nicely with these type of things at 54mm :)





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Thanks Dirk


dave did you ever buy soldiers from me?


I used to sell them at Silver Spring back in the 80s.


Do you remember when I was upstairs there was a guy next to me who sold post cards?

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Love the Britains posted here. That's what I primarily collected and still do off and on. The Hugar display pieces are incredible!


Manayunkman- I see you have paired your collection with recognition model castings. I have a couple Dale models and they pair perfectly with my wartime Britains.


I've started a topic on foreign toy soldiers on the other forum. Please feel free to post and parts of your collections you care to share!

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I only found Warrens one time, a box full at the flea market in 1982.


Several green sedans were with the officers.


The ID planes are actually period aluminum recasts and then period hand painted with house paint.


There is an unusual piece in there but it's hard to see.


If anyone knows Christian Keller he claims to have bought his first toy soldiers from me when he was a young boy.

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