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Chinese SKS w/ capture papers to a US Army Colonel (Vietnam)


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I've always wanted an example of a Vietnam bringback SKS with the correct paperwork, so I was happy to pick this example up.

Looks like a 1967 dated Type 56, all matching and in really good condition overall. Didn't get a photo of the bolt, but that also matched. I'd imagine one this nice came out of a cache or something, and was presented to the Colonel?

Came with several sets of paperwork. There are 4 copies of the Temporary Export license and 3 different ones of the DD-603 form. Not sure if that's normal or not, but they all look very old and correct as far as I can tell. I didn't include all 4 copies of the export form.

From what I've found on the vet, he served 30 years in the Army, from World War II through Vietnam, and passed away in 2009. I found, through searching online, that an audio exit interview exists for Colonel Sullivan, describing his time in Vietnam. I has sent an email to request s copy of this.

VNIT-502: Long Binh Post (Prov)
Exit interview conducted 18 November 1969 with COL Lloyd S. Sullivan, Commander, Long Binh Post. Discusses base defense, staff organization, civic action and security at Long Binh. Interview by 16th MHD. (Digital Audio File, ReeltR, cassette, interview with COL Lloyd S. Sullivan transcribed 23 pages)


Please share your thoughts on this set. Thank you!





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Very nice.


Paper work is period from what I see.

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Hope you can get those recordings. Last one of those I saw w papers sold at a local auction from a Special Forces vet. It went way over my budget to an online buyer I heard. Maybe next time...congrats on yours though!


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Great papers and provenance and a really nice rifle.

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Weird. The colonel's home address on the Form 603-1 is where I used to live when stationed at Cameron Station, VA. The Army leased apartments there since there was no housing on base.

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Cap Camouflage Pattern I

Very nice, I like the later Type 56s with the spike bayonet

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Very nice, I like the later Type 56s with the spike bayonet


PM sent.

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Hah, I used to live in an apartment a block away from this fellow! Also nice item :)

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