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Greetings from California

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Well my tag is rather explanatory, they called us brats not sure why really.
I was born on Warner Robbins AFB, but moved soon after. Dad was a career officer, graduated USMA West Point "58" and transferred to the Air Force soon after. Deciding to go into astronautical engineering, we moved to Loring AFB Maine and joined SAC loading Quail's and nukes on B-52's.

You could say my collecting career started then, as I got the desk model of the Quail MD gave dad. After that we got stationed in Plattsburg, N.Y. where dad got his first missile command with an Atlas. Then on to Malmstrom AFB Montana, as crew commander for minuteman 2's, by this time I was 6 and lived there until I was 10, best time in my life. I got to go down into the silo and see a minuteman 2, when I was 8 I saw the SR- 71 blackbird land under top secret base shutdown. Apparently it was still unknown to the public. I thought my father was the greatest dad in the world, except he wasn't around much.
You could say this is where most of my early collection stems from, as we saved darn near everything back then, including dozens of copies of the Malmstrom minuteman, the on base newspaper, including his MCCC 04 silo helmut.
Since then I've had an almost insatiable fascination with WW2 and begged my great uncle who was in France for DDay if I could someday have his 9mm lugar and Kaiser pointed helmut. He didnt talk much to anyone about the war, but he did in small part to me and I was only 10 at that time. Nobody ever knew why.

After dad retired a full bird in 78 from Norton AFB, and by then I as an adult I was buying selling and collecting msny things, even Nazi stuff, which I guess from what read in the rules we only deal with US military items here.
I look forward seeing and showing militaria It's always been one of my favorite past times.

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