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USMC used SDS Warrior Helmet


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Hello all,

Here’s another nice well used piece that I was able to pick up recently. This came out of Southern California near Orange County. According to the seller, he was clearing out a storage unit when he found it in the vet’s foot locker.

The helmet itself is a Specialty Defense System’s (SDS) produced Medium-sized “Warrior Helmet”. Due to a shortage of Lightweight (LWH) Helmets during the 2010-2012 troop surge in Afghanistan, many line company Marines ended up using Army ACHs.

Rather than the normal foliage green chinstraps, it has been refitted with tan chinstraps which show heavy grime from usage. Thanks to some conveniently placed tears, you can see that the helmet has been repainted tan at some point in it’s life. Interestingly enough, rather than the standard seven pad configuration, there’s only three pads (Center is from Team Wendy, the other two are Gentex pads I believe); while this is technically against regulations as it reduces protection, many Soldiers and Marines used fewer pads to increase air flow due to Afghanistan/Iraq's hot environement.

The cover is heavily faded and torn in numerous places. At the rear, the Marine has sewn on a nametape with his name, “Barefoot”. Another interesting note is that rather than using an ACH night vision mount, the vet used a PASGT/LWH mount instead. Since the profile of the two helmets differ, he bent the cleats of the mount so that it’d fit snugly. A larger/longer screw was used as well to secure the mount. It’s possible that at some point a rhino arm was attached, but as the top half of mount is completely destroyed, it’s no longer possible to mount one.

Overall, it’s a nice set that shows honest use. I hope that you all like it as much as I do!




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Agreed, proper 'been there' look to this wonderful helmet and love the HD quality photos of it. Bravo.

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