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New trench art

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Wow, it's hard to believe this forum hasn't been used in years. To me trench art to me has always been fascinating because it was made with the hands of a person, a military person (often a p.o.w.), not some machine. A literal labor of love as a hobby, or to maintain ones sanity or as a gift for a loved one back home.


This is an ashtray from a Japanese Artillery Shell ash tray, could be Series 3, 1941 (I'm no expert).



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Great item. Thanks for showing it. I've run into 2 Japanese shell cases recently - prior to that, I hadn't seen any. The larger one is perhaps 7 inches in diameter but squat - maybe 10 - 12 inches high. It doesn't appear to have been cut down but that's a possibility. Not quite sure why someone would drag it home but maybe it was intended to become a piece of trench art at some point.

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