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User Ban: Jumpin Jack

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** This post is informative only. User responses have been disabled**

Members of the USMF Community:

The administration was forced to suspend the account of community member JUMPIN JACK

It has been brought to the attention of the USMF Administration staff and the entire membership that this member was involved with selling messed with / enhanced items. Last week there was a posting done in the dealer transaction / feedback area about a deal gone bad with a put together uniform that Jack sold. After a rough back and forth he accepted the return and without problem turned around and sold it to another member without disclosing these problems. Recent complaints of selling faked up uniforms brought a surge of complaints from others and established a pattern of deceit that will not be tolerated. Some of these complaints were from deals 10 years ago but all with the same m.o..



In an interest to protect the members of this community, JUMPIN JACK account has been banned. Please use caution should you be contacted by any individual bearing the following information:


Jack Angolia

Jumpin Jack


Email Address



Forum Manager

Please note that all information above is being provided in accordance with RULE 6.2 - Privacy Exceptions:. This rule states: "Any information a member provides openly on the board (via a post, private message, or through board email), to a third party, on a third party website (such as Facebook or MySpace), or in any other similar way is subject to use by the U.S. Militaria Forum, especially if the member's membership is revoked, banned, suspended, or limited." For this and other Rules of the USMF Code of Conduct, please click here:




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