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Is there such a thing as a B-17E manual?

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I have manuals for B-17F and G models . . . is there such a thing as one for the B-17E model? My Uncle worked on Es, it seems, and I was wondering.


Is there something that being an Engineer on B-17Es, that he would have used that is in the affordable price range?


Just wondered if there was such a thing as a B-17E manual! -grin-




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Here is a link to a digital B-17E flight manual, and if there is a flight manual, there should, I hate to use must, be a maintenance manual...there most likely is a limited supply of E model manuals as it was a transitional airframe, once source list only 512 E models produced




As a flight engineer this flight manual would be a reference that your uncle would have used, along with the maintenance manual


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