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Display in progress, ETO ADSEC patch, opinions welcomed

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I have been working on this display and several others as I gathered and relocated the insignia. I have always liked this patch and it was nice to find some variations and the DI to create it. I recently updated it with the patch on the right and I hope to add a couple of the tabs worn with it as I can find them. Just wanted to share it and get opinions and corrections if my information is not accurate.






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Looks like a nice display to me

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Very nice display. I really like these types of displays that actually show and describe the differences we collectors like, but to the average person, they all look the same until you show them something like this. Love the DI!

Good Job!


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I heavily collect this patch too as I'm fairly certain my grandfather wore one in WW2. There are a ton of differences between types, so you're off to a good start. I've found most of my variants on eBay. They're fairly plentiful and don't break the bank typically. Good luck with your hunt. Sorry if we're competing for the same stuff!

WANTED: I collect materials of any age related to the US Army Quartermaster Corps and from the long-defunct Commissary / Subsistence Corps. Anything goes and it doesn't have to be identified to a vet. If it's weird or unusual, please PM me! ASMIC #5650

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Nice display. Here is a minor variation to look for. The broken links of the chain are reversed...












The highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one's country-G.S. Patton

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