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KIA Battle-Damaged NVA Bringback Grouping by Vietnamese Marine Advisor

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Hello all,


When I saw this for sale, I couldn’t resist purchasing it. This is an original shrapnel damaged and I dare say blood-stained NVA canteen and map case brought back by then Captain Marcel “Big Mac” J. Dube during his tenure as Senior Battalion Advisor to the 3rd Vietnamese Marine “Sea Wolves” Batt. from 66 - 67. According to the seller (a close friend of Dube), he removed these items from a dead NVA commander after the 3rd Batt. had been in heavy contact with a NVA unit and he had run several artillery fire missions over them.


The canteen shows the most damage out of either pieces. The cover is heavily ripped and nearly torn in half by shrapnel. The lower half is caved in and from what I was told, is a result of concussion damage. The map case is a rubberized canvas type. It’s heavily stained from what looks like blood on both sides. On the strap, the name “Thuong” is written.

I’m really happy to be able to own this set and the vet provenance is just a cherry on top of it all. I hope you all like it as much as I do.


Attached are some photos of Capt. Dube including one of him on the operation in which he captured the items



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Very nice

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I’m out of words. Definitely one of the best NVA groups I’we seen in a long time. Congrats bud.


I hava a captured NVA canteen, that’s suffered heavy concussion damage. About the only NVA stuff I got left.


Thanks for sharing you little bad a** group with us.


- Vietnam CISO/SOG Knife Collector -


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The damage to the canteen is consistent with the fragments scattered by a cluster bomb rather than shrapnel from artillery or grenade. Items that tell a grim story to be sure, but good you can get hold of them and keep the history alive.

WW2 Battlefield Relics Virtual Museum:

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