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Just Acquired A Brigadier General Grouping

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Nice grouping, I like the picture of the general receiving the Ulchi very much. Any other papers of why he did receive this medal? And a picture of the back of the Korean merit medal?

Kind regards

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There was no other documentation about his awards unfortunately. As soon as I get home I will post a picture of the back of that medal. His granddaughter related a story to me about how his promotion to General was so sudden, they couldn’t get their hands on stars for the ceremony and were trying to make them out of tin foil. In the end, he ended up borrowing an extra pair from a friend.

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The medallion with the neck change is for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity (aka SAE or "Sig Eps") but as West Point has never had fraternal organizations, I would assume that it may be from his evident membership as a post-graduate student.




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thanks for the information, now I have a place to start to see how and if this item is connected to the General. Sampo, here is the back of the medal, sorry for the delay.


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